Chemicals & Plastics


Chemicals & Plastics

Plastics and chemicals are some of the most challenging goods for a logistics company to handle. They are a specialized group of materials, and you must have experts that know their unique risks and challenges. Different considerations apply to hazardous vs. non-hazardous materials, and every part of the shipping process needs to be correct. This is not a time to rely on an inexperienced logistics company. Chemicals come in different forms from dry HAZMAT bulk, large bulk liquid, and ISO tank shipments. Each of these requires specialized knowledge and specific packaging and containers as well as unique safety precautions. There is a risk both to the shipper, the logistics provider, and the recipient if any of these are packed or transported incorrectly.

The chemical logistics specialists at BBK Logistics understand the technical aspects, risks, and precautions that the various chemicals and types of plastics present when they are being transported from facility to warehouse and over the roads. As the logistics company who will transport these goods, we are required to follow an ever-changing, massive volume of federal and state regulations pertaining to the movement of hazardous materials. This is a high-risk business and it must be handled by experienced professionals.

Trust BBK Logistics to handle your chemical and plastics shipping and warehousing. Many considerations go into this kind of logistics. Especially with these materials, you do not want to be caught depending on a less experienced company.

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