Healthcare Logistics


Healthcare Logistics

There has been tremendous pressure to provide logistic services to the health care industry more efficiently and at a lower cost. We see this effort affecting each step or junction in this important part of the domestic logistics chain. There is new scrutiny of the design and layout of the manufacturer as well as the healthcare facility and everywhere in-between. This country has seen the logistics part of the healthcare supply chain go through significant change in the past decade. Maintaining sterile conditions, reducing or eliminating waste, reducing waiting time, and increasing accuracy of inventory in multiple locations have all undergone significant changes.

At BBK Logistics, we have been part of that process all along. As the logistics company, we are in the right position to see the entire flow of goods from beginning to end. Working with our manufacturing partners and the health care facilities in need of these changes, we have been able to be a go-between the various junctions or stopping points along the route.

And the process hasn’t stopped. Continuous improvement will continue to be the key focus when it comes to transporting critical goods with no margin of error. Choosing a partner such as BBK Logistics, who has been at the forefront of this evolution is the only smart move.

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