Partial-Load Freight


Partial-load FREIGHT

Do you have a shipment that is more than an LTL but smaller than a full truckload? BBK Logistics is the shipping expert to call. We will accurately and efficiently ship your partial load anywhere in the nation. There are many benefits to partial-load shipping. First, you only pay for the space you use in our truck, giving you a more affordable rate. Also, there is no freight class required for your load, which saves time and effort. Another added benefit is that our partial truckload vehicles make fewer stops than a regular LTL haul, giving you a faster delivery time. Many of our clients prefer partial shipping over traditional LTL shipping due to these benefits.

Just because your shipment is a partial load doesn’t mean you won’t get the same benefits of our traditional full-load shipping. Our partial-load logistics services are timely, ecological, and cost-effective. We have years of experience and will find the best solution for your partial-load shipping needs. We have contracts with numerous trucks that are ready and able to ship your partial load to any location in the country.

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