Manufacturing Logistics


Manufacturing Logistics

With the rapid change in the retail processes in these United States to accommodate the shift from brick and mortar over online retailers, the logistics industry has had to be quick on their feet. Most of the attention has been on that sector of logistics providing on-demand deliveries and micro inventory control. But the change in the retail industry and how it affects logistics is not the entire story. We often forget about inbound and outbound logistics for the manufacturing sector. The movement of raw materials and sub-components between manufacturing plants and production facilities throughout the country has also challenging adjustment to new expectations and processes.

The opportunity for cost savings due to efficiencies in this digital age has never been greater. As a leading logistics company, we manage the movement and flow of raw materials and sub-components from and to production and manufacturing facilities. And we understand that there are very tight time frames when these materials must arrive at their destination. We also understand that those expecting their goods delivered need real-time information on the shipments.

At BBK Logistics, we use our tremendous experience and flexible approach to warehouse management, and management of the trucking as well as the efficient use of labor to provide manufacturers with efficient and on-time logistics.

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