Retail Logistics


Retail Logistics

It’s no secret that the retail industry has been completely revolutionized in the last decade. E-commerce is what the dominant force shaping retail today. This has forced traditional retail venues to be in a constant state of redesign and re-evaluation. Because this constant changing retail landscape has forced the retailers to be in a re-adjust and re-invent mode constantly, the logistics industry who supplies their goods have had to respond to a constant stream of new demands and challenges.

What used to be called “real-time inventory” in the 1970s and 1980s wouldn’t even compare to the tailored service we offer our retail customers today.

Here at BBK Logistics, we understand that the retail business needs flexibility backed up by the technology, ability to adjust methods, instant information availability, and a “can-do attitude” from your shipper.

For retailers to fight against their online competitors, they need a logistics company that understands things like retail consolidation, the new technologies, and the real-time needs of today’s brick-n-mortar retailers. We know that rapid program redesign time and business process flexibility are crucial to success in this rapidly changing retail business world. We also understand that the solution to retail success is a moving target and that retailers need to be able to depend on a logistics company with the technical knowledge and experience to keep the goal in focus.

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