Paper & Packaging Logistics


Paper & Packaging Logistics

As a country, we have seen consistent growth for over a decade, and this, in turn, has promoted growth in the packaging industry for that same time. Packaging needs have seen sustained growth, and we have grown to accommodate the needed capacity. The consistent growth has also brought challenges as end users put more pressure on our customers to be on top of the entire process – from inventory management to clean, safe delivery of the various goods.

Add to the steadily increasing volume of traditional paper and packaging materials, the industry has seen a new wider variety of types of paper and packaging goods come on the market. These things run the range from the more traditional boxes and wrapping to the more modern materials which require special loading and handling. And we are seeing even heavier industrial paper and packaging goods on the market today that need creative handling and storage so that they maintain their integrity until they are in the end user’s warehouse. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to receive a wide assortment of packaging materials as well as bulk and finished paper products and to transport and deliver them in excellent condition. As with our other shipping divisions, BBK Logistics offers real-time inventory data so can tell you where your goods are at any time.

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